Canceled: Due to the recipient of this app stepping down from his position in SkillsUSA. This app was canceled.

This app digitizes the registration process of a SkillsUSA meeting. Using a QRCode scanner, this app takes the data from the scanner and converts it into easy to read tables.

The data is stored on the phone as needed, and is displayed in the app. The data is able to be emailed in an easy to understand Excel editable format.

The app has three main screens that the user interacts with. Each screen contains a different category of people.

Registrants: Stores the entire meeting's attendance.

Officers: Keeps track of the elected officers.

Committees: Every student is assigned to a committee in the meeting, storing that on this screen.

Ready to send the email? A simple click of a button sends you to the email dialogue with all of the information on the certain screen as an attachment.